Friday Hook Up 11.10.23

Franz West – at David Zwirner LA.

Keeping tabs on internet coolness.

I am all about listening to random music; it drives my wife crazy. I was happy to stumble across the CDLP playlists. By the way, CDLP is a pretty rad design house
of luxury essentials.

When the director is reeeally good at their job – It’s a great video essay on the blocking work of Steven Spielberg.

I love this statement from System Magazine’s front page “System is a platform for deep thoughts and real opinions….” – You can browse the totality of the magazine’s archive here.

Discover the work of photographer/artist/skateboarder Ed Templeton.

Elissa Steamer and Brian Anderson by ED Templeton.

Wasted Talent is where I get some of my Surf and Skate happenings. They have a bunch of great original videos.

Just listen to The Go Giver, an easy, quick listen with some insightful advice for success.

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

The Go Giver
I just got my latest copy of Tails of….. – Super inspiring Skateboarding Zine.

Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers is worth a listen.