The Featured Projects section provides a glimpse at personal and professional ongoing and past projects. Below you can learn more about what I am all about. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Analog Collages – 002

Staying away from the computer.

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Analog Collages – 001

Analog Collages: Ripping – Cutting – Pasting – Painting.


It’s like an unleashed beast in a gladiator arena, the odds are stacked.

Out and About.

Fleeting moments while going elsewhere.

Acentos Bienvenidos / HULU

By investing in genuine cultural understanding and collaboration, a brand ensures its initiatives resonate on a profound level, creating a lasting impact within the Latine community and beyond.

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Minding The Gap

Creative work on Minding The Gap marketing campaign.

Branded Content

The “Human” series for Uproxx was an insightful experience.

Short Documentaries

Such a joy to get to create along side some incredible individuals.

A Conversation with Artist Phillipe Quinal

Philippe Quinal is an artist based in NYC. He was gracious enough to share his thoughts on art and life. The 1st one of what I am hoping becomes an ongoing project highlighting unique individuals.

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Friday Hook Up 11.17.23

Wonders from the internets!

Friday Hook Up 11.10.23

Music, art and some other fun stuff.

Friday Hook Up 11.03.23

A few recommendations from the INTERNETS…