Featured ProJects

A selection of past and ongoing projects. You can learn more about what I do on this site.

Lost Angeles

A collection of everyday Los Angeles.

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Let Me Call You Later

An observation on abandonment & decay.


On The Move

The camera is an agent of movement. It incites a sense of adventure driven by a desire to turn the


The trailer is one of the first impression an audience gets from a series.

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Short Documentaries

Such a joy to get to create along side some incredible individuals.


Branded Content

The “Human” series for Uproxx was an insightful experience.


Minding The Gap

Creative work on Minding The Gap marketing campaign.

Putting The Time

The only way to get things moving.

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Involuntary Impulse

Thoughts on shooting and letting go.


1:47 am

We have all of 23 ahead of us.


Here we go again.

I am trying to be more consistent.