Here we go again.

The amount of time I have spent thinking about starting is unmeasurable. The reasons are simple but also pointless at this point. (I wonder if that’s a correct sentence.)

I will try to keep this up on a weekly, monthly, or maybe even daily. Who knows? I had started before and didn’t get far. What I should be thinking about is a purpose, the purpose of this, the end game, but I am not built that way, and planning and picturing where or what the future has in store for me is not one of my strongest qualities.

So here is the plan, to go at it, not much thought or editing put to it, sit and write what comes to mind. For whom? for myself, my children if they ever care to peek inside my brain.

Recently I started transcribing some old notebooks of mine, and it has been interesting, to say the least. Well, interesting to me to look back and see how much I’ve changed and how much I am still the same, a paradox indeed. ( I like using the word Indeed) – Back to the point – I will start sharing some random writings here. I will also post many photos ( I have been shooting since the early ’90s) and whatever else comes to mind.

This will be part storage, archive, and me talking to myself.

Well… To whoever stumbles into this.


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