Casual Thinking

The work of J. García

Internal Reflection

The images in this collection reflect some of the themes and ideas that propel my photography journey.

The “boy on the skate” is one of my favorite photos. I have that moment ingrained in my memory, and I shot it impulsively. I felt the energy emanating from the kid using a skateboard for the first time and had to capture it. I have been shooting for 25 years, mostly driven by an impulse to seize the moment in time.

I decided to pick up a camera in the first place to capture the skateboarding subculture that no one was paying attention to. The feeling and importance I felt while capturing these fleeting moments in time was intoxicating.

I only shot film when I started (not by choice); digital cameras were non-existent then, and shooting film taught me to pay attention to the frame and timing of my images, given I had a limited number of frames to shoot.

I do shoot digital, and I am not a purist in any form. For me, photography is about capturing the moment regardless of the medium.