Friday Hook Up 10.27.23

Artist Selects: Silke Otto-Knapp, The Living We Are Doing, Always Among Others (Via LACMA)

Keeping tabs on internet coolness.

Digging the latest album of multi-instrumentalist Pachyman

I am very intrigued by the Light Phone.

Worth watching: BORDER

WRONG SIDE OF THE LENS is a documentary series exploring the lives of street photographers.

Useful info: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Organizing Your Refrigerator.

Just Watch is extremely helpful when looking for where to stream a film.

NOWNESS is a wealth of inspiration.

Read this: How to have more meaningful conversations. By Lucy Foulkes.

Be brave enough to share, kind enough to listen, and you can escape the shallows of small talk to dive deep with another
by Lucy Foulkes

Bill Yates: Sweetheart Roller Sakting Rink ( Via )

Looking to buy a film camera?

LA PATRIA – Un archivo de diseño gráfico Uruguayo