Putting The Time

I have this tendency to start the 1st day of the year doing something that I want to do more of. I have been doing it for a while but then forgetting what that was or not paying attention if I am doing it. I remember it like it was yesterday, January 1st of 2020. That day we did a lot of art. Getting lost in the process felt special, just going with the flow of things. Looking back, art is the one thing I can track back to the 1st of the year being the start of things.

There is such beauty in the chaos of the process.

The sound of the paper coming in contact with the scissors creates a soothing sound that travels thru the air and clashes with the music. Every time I make art, I think to myself how incredible the art of making music is, how enriching music is to my process, and how grateful I am to those who make it.

To think how oblivious we were to what 2020 had in store for us is mindblowing. The biggest gift the PANDEMIC gave me was the clear-cut confirmation of the value of life and how I need to engage, love, learn and believe in order to make the most of it.