Friday Hook Up 09.15.23

Joshua Tree, Ca. from Desierto

Keeping tabs on the wonders of the internet.

An Oral History – Barbara Kruger’s “Untitled (Your Body Is a Battleground)” See excerpt below.

Barbara Kruger: I made “Your Body Is a Battleground” in my rented loft on Leonard Street in TriBeCa in New York, a loft that I later got thrown out of because of the rising prices of Manhattan real estate. I’d always collected images from magazines and manuals and had piles of them in plastic envelopes. And I would go through them and see what would help make meaning with a certain textual accompaniment.

If you don’t visit Swiss-Miss on a weekly basis, you need to start today. You are missing things like 50 Short Rules for a Better Life (From the Stoics)

I enjoi-ed the new Jacuzzi Unlimited skate video.

Note to self – Read this interview with Ed Templeton

I like the work of graphic designer Javier Jaén.

Simplicity is beautiful, and the Gold Collages series from artist Lorna Simpson is exquisite.

Surfing is a truly magical experience; this film does a good job of capturing it.

Make sure to call someone you miss.