Friday Hook Up 11.03.23

Keeping tabs on internet coolness.

The eclectic Spotify playlists provided by Madre Mezcal Radio are good for the soul. Bonus – Madre Mezcal Website is rad.

This TED talk got me learning Italian. By this posting, I should be on my four-day streak.

Monster Children is where I get some of my Surf and skate fix.

Worth watching Pain and Glory / Dolor y gloria by Pedro Almodovar.

While we are on the subject, Almodovar is a phenomenal filmmaker worthy of diving into his filmography. He also has a great exhibit at the Academy Museum.

In my humble opinion, This American Life is the standard that all storytelling podcasts should be measured against.

Useful info: How to say no. Templates to help you say no in any situation.

Looking for something to read? Try NPR: Books We Love.

Directors Library has a wealth of inspiration.

Read this: 100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying.

Some personal favorites:

12 Sharpen your knives.
30 Be polite to rude strangers – it’s oddly thrilling.
35 Eat salted butter (life’s too short for unsalted).
48 Buy secondhand.
55 Learn the names of 10 trees.

Digging the photography work of Carlos Jaramillo. A game for designers.

Discover the work of Sister Corita Kent

Heroes & Sheroes by Corita Kent