Featured ProJects

Drawing a line between what I do for professional and personal fulfillment is challenging. But the fact of the matter is that it’s all intertwined. I am constantly searching for creative satisfaction.


Las Mascaras De Hatillo

Hatillo – Puerto Rico 2004

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Es Tarde.

Momentos que ya pasaron.



A collection of images from my first trip to Nicaragua in 2003.


Strange Freedom

Wondering thru China without purpose.

Professional Endeavors

Short Documentaries

Such a joy to get to create along side some incredible individuals.

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Branded Content

The “Human” series for Uproxx was an insightful experience.


Minding The Gap

Creative work on Minding The Gap marketing campaign.


Call It What It Is

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, back in the studio.


1:47 am

We have all of 23 ahead of us.

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Here we go again.

I am trying to be more consistent.