One photo at a time.

The inevitability of things to come makes me pause.

Staring out the car window while it’s in motion is one of my favorite things. I don’t get to do it often because I am always driving. The other day, I got stuck in a two-hour traffic jam on the five freeway, and I got to take in Lake Castaic, which I usually speed by; at least the traffic jam had a view.

We are gifted with so much beauty on a daily basis. The world is overwhelmingly filled with color, love, and light, yet humanity chooses to speed past it.

Pausing to take things in seems like an act of rebellion, and it should not be. Normalizing a slower pace should be everyone’s responsibility. Let’s indulge in the now.

Knowing that nothing is ever going to be the same, moving towards the inevitable that will be, we stand still until the noise of the camera breaks the spell.

One photo at a time, capturing the past that defines my future.

There is more….